Kathy-jo Wargin
Kathy-jo Wargin
bestselling author of more than 1.2 million books sold worldwide

Gully of the Great Lakes!


The New Series for Young Readers. Coming in 2017.

He's the newest Education and Goodwill Ambassador to the Great Lakes USA & Canada! Gully of the Great Lakes is your host to the freshwater coast. He's small, friendly, and on his way to your hometown.  Stay tuned, Gully will soon be landing at a port near you.


Meet your new friend GUlly.

learn more www.gullyofthegreatlakes.com


"Our goal is to provide hope, optimism, and confidence in the future of our Great Lakes region. This we believe, begins with the smallest but strongest tide - our children."




*Must be over 18 to submit email address. Kids, internet privacy is very important. If you'd like to join, please ask a parent to do so on your behalf. Gully says thanks!